Hudson Checking out "sticky revision" - any suggestions?

I am facing a simple Hudson Master-Slave configuration task which must of worked in half a dozen installation's of Hudson, where master server machine is Linux and Slave Machine is Windows 2003.

Agent initializes seamlessly as a windows service (one of the cool features of Hudson by the way - since release 1.321).


I configure a simple "free-style" project which has an svn location it is supposed to checkout from http://... /svn/repos/trunk

The issue is if I checkout the same url and run svn info I get revision # 45943 although when Hudson checked out the project it states "Checked out revision 45902"

I am running on 1.321 version of Hudson, I have reconfigured the Job, cleaned up the workspace on the remote slave and the Master machine - and it still seems to poll an old revision from svn and idea why this could happen?


Thanks Guys,