Solving Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Java Script IntelliSense Support Problem

Visual Studio 2008 support Java Script IntelliSense. It does so by using a "-vsdoc.js" file, which is saved together with the "original" ".js" file. For example, if you're using JQuery, and use jquery-1.3.2.min.js file, you can put a jquery-1.3.2.min-vsdoc.js file just next to it (available from JQuery download page), and that's it.


Unfortunately, this may not work, and all you get is: "Error updating JScript IntelliSense: Object doesn't support this property or method".


One of the things may cause this issue is a bug in Visual Studio. If you're using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (like I do), there's a patch you can install that adds JScript Editor support for “-vsdoc.js” IntelliSense documentation files.


If this still doesn't work, make sure the ".js" file, and the "-vsdoc.js" file share the same name.

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