Programmers: an evolutionary approach.

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The basis of the new society will become programmers. That is, once the atomic explosion of cockroaches and rats will survive, so after the postmodernism, "Death of adults", societal crisis, and the final disappearance of reality,  survive programmers. They will be the dominant sound form of life on Earth, because they have all the signs of ensure survival.



First, the programmers is one of the few social groups that now produce the product. Moreover, such a product, without which  the modern world does not exist in the state. And as we remember from the Smith and Marks -- a product is very important shit, and the one who has it is almost cannot blow in the fight for good.

Secondly, programmers remain matrimonial conduct,  that increase their chances of survival, as well. Unlike the others, they create  families, which is known to be the most stable social form of existence. The idea that programmers are terrible puny, boring botanics that naturally fall out of the process of reproduction -- wrong. First, they are different, secondly, everyone will taken!
And terrible, and puny before others. Because that, in fact, a programmer is very suitable for family life thing! He inoffensive, quiet, faithful and earns a lot of money. And the importantly, the programmer wants to marry because to procure sex and food in struggle on free grazing it is not interested, lazy, and just scared for him. As a result, he was happy to bow to the first girl who decides to give it to the registry office. Programmer decides to  divorce  is also only in one case - if he go to psychological training, but it happens very rarely. And then, he  immediately re-married, to something similar.  As a result, programmers families is simply not revealing strong.

Third. It is known that the key to survival is the reproduction. And I can tell you, programmers reproduce themself! We are in the office for 80 staff  already have about 60 children. Many of the two, some for three. This is because the average programmer comfortable and confident all feels in the "close to PC" state. He sticks out in the late work, but when it comes home, then returns to the comfortable position. In this time, his wife goes crazy of neglect and boredom. The first year she hopes that everything will change, the second - she scandals, the third spits, gave birth
and begins to entertain her own child. For programmer the child is virtually the only way to make sure that his wife was relatively satisfied, and leaves him in peace. It took her  a year or two and then starts the second and so on, thank goodness, he earns enough.
Overall, while steep dominant males fight in passions, boozes and intrigues, programmers quietly doing their job. Guess whose children the result will be more?

And fourthly, the programmers have an enviable psychological resistance. If programmer survives university studying   he almost invulnerable in psychological terms. In fact, that programmers perceive and construct life as an algorithm branches of possible variations. Their world is stable and simple, and objective reality are interested poorly. Yesterday, two officers asked me: "Mash (Mary) why everybody speaks about crisis, tell, huh? "Yesterday!  This is not a programmer fears of serious life-doubt and no surprises occur. As they have for the most part completely lack of skills of reflection (as psychological not programmatic term ;o)), therefore, even of their complexes, they do not perceive. That discomfort and uncertainty that they may experience in the real world, are they on the "inarticulate feelings" and received no development, just ignored. Sustainability adds them to a fact that most programmers really love their work and receive from it a moral satisfaction. They are creators! What percentage of other people may boast the same? That is. In doing so, they do not need to sniff coke and carouse nights as actors and musicians. In short, while the rest of the world in vain worn on psychoanalyst, and plump of incomprehensible anguish, programmers feel themselves in order.

And the fifth factor is way of life. Not to say that programmer's one has been very healthy, but on the other hand, I think it's time to have review this term. Agree, all of these elastic muscles, strong legs and subtle hands are not the key to survival in today's world. A on the contrary, is a dangerous luxury, and increase the risk of dieing young (for example, picked up AIDS from another girl, which is hanging to you at the bar). I have long noticed that the longest-lived not machos and heroes, but barmen and porters. Do not those who trained, but those who stir as little as possible. From this point programmers virtually laid! They are like glass banks - if not drop, it is virtually eternal.

And if the form has unrestricted access to the benefits of good breed and not prone to suicide, is there anything that can prevent it displace other forms, and to seize world domination? And I'm talking about the same.

The only vulnerability of programmers - it is their very low ability to unite and interact. Defensive bunch, they do not able, because they have problems with communication, and each of them considers itself smarter. From this self-programmer system is not effective in more self-reliant, committed, and not resistant to external influences. Simply put, if a bunch of programmers to leave for some time without supervision (read without control), they very quickly sliding into production a fun gismo for themselves. As rule, these gismo other people are not interested, so
programmers no longer get for  them money. Accordingly, programmers are dying of hunger. But in this case, the programmers also have a regulatory framework: Manager. They are the most terrible enemy, and the only one. On the one hand, he makes them do what they are not interested in, decreasing their sense of God, but on the other - it ensures their survival, while maintaining
demand for the product, so they tolerate it. In fact, the manager the same bond survival for  programmer, as a farmer for wheat: culture need to be cultivated, lest it run wild.

Therefore, if in the pile of programmers appears the manager, they became invincible!


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