Dev-Day at Tikal - Second Round

Hi All,

After listening to all comments for the previous Dev-Day post, we've decided today on the tech meeting on the following points:

  1. The format for the dev-day will be 1 hour session followed by “hands-on”.
  2. We will use several technologies which integrates with JVM, but not necessary pure Java language only.
  3. The work will be with pairs sitting on one laptop – We think that heterogeneous pairs would be great (i.e. one “server” developer and one “client” developer).
  4. We will concentrate on technologies, rather on business. So we will reuse and enrich the same application on our meeting.
  5. All team will develop the same application above, and the chosen application will be used for Tikal-Fuse (repository of sample applications). We make use of this repository on our kick-off projects as well as training sessions.
  6. All artifacts will be saved on source control repository.
  7. The chosen application is a very simple CRUD application for managing sample applications. An example of such a application can be seen on sample application at ExtJS sample site.
  8. The first dev-day will concentrate on building the application with technologies Spring/Hibernate on the server and Flex on the client. We can use several binding options, but in my opinion it would be great to use Spring-BlazeDS
  9. We will use Maven2 as our build mechanism. IDE is free to choose.
  10. We'll expect start our first dev-day on September.


Any more improvements suggestions/ recommendations are more than welcome...

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