Searching for an Event Log Viewer

A letter I got today, asking about an event log viewer. Anyone?



Hi Zvika,


We’ve been looking for quite some time for a good log viewer for our log files. By “good”, I mean

·         Simple view of the log – single message per line, in a table, filtering by thread/severity

·         Merging of different log files – e.g., merge our GUI and Engine log in a single view

·         Online view of events / messages as they occur

·         Capable of loading large files



At the time, we came up with 2 options – Chainsaw and Vigilog (and that’s why we’ve started using XML logs in parallel) – but we’re not fully satisfied with them. Each gives only some of the features and performs poorly or too complex with the others.


So, the idea came up, to touch base with you and see if you happened to run across a viewer you recommend. Obviously, Open Source (as Chainsaw and Vigilog) would be an advantage, but I would *not* rule out a commercial viewer if it is really a good one. Are you aware of any such names?

Thank you for your interest!

We will contact you as soon as possible.

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