Is there a way to see what the values of the arguments that are sent into a method in Java? (source or bytecode)

I'm trying to print out the strings sent to the UI.

I'm using javassist/BCEL to examine the bytecode and to look for specific UI method (i.e. label.setText)

Then I'm trying figure out what are the strings that are being sent to those methods.

If the string is explicitly sent to that method(i.e. label.setText("hello")) I'm 'catching' the LDC declaration just before the method call and I'm done.

However, I'm not able to handle with complicated scenarios such as label.setText(bean.getName())

I need to come up with some kind of logic that will enable me to dig up the 'call hierarchy' in order to figure out the declaration of the string

I'm open to another alternatives if you have one...

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