Jamake - Pure Java Build Tool (Very first Alpha release)

Please, welcome my open source project Jamake 2009-07-19 first Alpha release.

Although it is very first release of Jamake it already is capable of building itself and manage documentation and releases. This release contains following tools and features: -jamake framework for calling build target methods from inside java or as separated process from command line -help target method -java tool -javac tool -zip tool -jar tool -javadoc tool -exec tool -stopwatch tool -current directory setting and stack-poping -indented printouts -capability to call other classes and targets -date version tool -directory and file management tools -Source Link prints -generic and uniformed tools options and filtering management mechanism -eclipse template project for easy start with jamake

It is already easy to build simple java projects from Eclipse no problem. And it is very comfortable too. All tools are supplied with javadocs which noted by eclipse when your mouse drag over the code.

Coming soon: -task tool -download tool -FTP tool -junit tool -more -more… -more……

Next release by plan should cover all ANT tasks and capabilities.


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