Dev-Day at Tikal

Hi All,

We are considering to shift our Java group meetings into “hands-on developer day”, and I would like to get your feedback, comments, ideas and suggestions.

The main target of this day is to expose our group members to new technologies, train and practice them in hands-on development of “Fuse” like applications, and exchange ideas with other members. We can store our applications in Tikal-Fuse repository, and the produced artifacts will also help developers to kick off new products and projects on our customers sites.
The dev-day will be led by 1-2 people that will be the "Meeting Leader". They will serve as the technical focal point - introduce the subjects , answer and help people during the day.
I think Maven can be the build tool for the system, while the chosen IDE can be used freely by the groups. Sources will be stored on version-control (we may also add them to Hudson for better CI), and the artifacts will be run on hosted environment (wither at Tikal, GAE , external hosted service, or Amazon EC2). We can also use some issue tracker to track issues and improvements.

I suggest the following agenda for the “Dev-Day”.  
  1. Lecture by the "Meeting Leader" (1-1.5 hours).
  2. Application definitions and requirements - In this part, the leader will introduce the 1-2 "fuse apps", which will be developed during the day. (0.5 hours)
  3. Split into groups and start development (5 hours + 0.5 hour break) . The groups can be either heterogeneous (sever+client) in  which the application  will be developed "end to end" (2-3 developers), or homogeneous (1-2 developers), in which we will also match pairs of groups to achieve end to end application.
  4. Work Presentation (1 hour) - the groups will introduce their work to the while forum

An important note is that the time frame will be limited , and the implementation should be time driven - "Reduce features, but make sure you finish in the time frame."

The technologies, I think we can introduce are (of course , we can mix several) :
  1. Spring DM Server.
  2. Cloud computing with Amazon (we can also use Eucalyptus)
  3. Grid Computing
  4. Spring Batch
  5. BI technologies
  6. Google App Engine
  7. Scala
  8. Groovy Grails
  9. Spring 3 (take last milestone and use its new features)
  10. Spring Roo
  11. Web Beans
  12. Spring Web Flow
  13. UI frameworks - Java FX, JavaScript, GWT

As said, I would like to get your feedback. Will dev-day catch your interest ? Do you think you will come to meetings? Anything we can do better?

Is it better to create over and over the same application with different technologies, or should we develop each time different application, which is more “classic” case for the relevant technologies.

Please comment and suggest projects which can be appropriate to the time frame - anything you can think that will interest people. For example :
1.A proxy that work with REST api against Google Picasa (search/upload pictures/videos)
2.BI project on top of SVN.

Please comment if you prefer to concentrate on Java world technologies, or do you prefer to extend to more programming languages that can be run on the JVM or even extend it to other technologies (Flex, Python etc).

Which deployment environment is better for us  -  Tikal's hosts, Amazon EC2, Google App engine, third party hosting service?

… and actually any related issue that can help us to to make this day more successful and fun for us...

Thanks  in advance,


Big-Data and Backend-Architect

Backend Group

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