Jamake - Pure Java Build Tool

Hello, guys.

Once me and my friend, we have counted number of languages, dialects and syntaxes that you have to be familiar with to handle one simple web site project and I was amazed. We got numbers like 10 to 15. Java, HTML, XML (minimum 5 dialects), SQL, PHP, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Annotations… This is crazy. It is too much even for very genius programmer.

Then I thought “why ANT?”. Why build project is not described in our lovely java? What about pure Java Build Tool?

Here I want to discuss with you possibility of building pure Java Build tool which will be able to do everything ANT, MAVEN, BUILDR or whatever build tool does, plus it will get all strength of Java as programming language. Imagine writing build project with all intellisense Eclipse does for your java classes, with all automation you already have for java, with simple, serial and very familiar code, with availability of thousands of useful libraries and tools. Plus, I hope it will have converting utilities like ant2jamake, buildr2jamake etc to suck existing build projects in (all business aggression goes here :-) ).

I have started project Jamake on Google Code. It is about JAVA and MAKE. Anyone wants to participate in the project can contact me directly and I will add him into the project developers team. No salary, by the way :-). I am doing it on my “free” time.

It is on the stage of conceptual design now.

I would be happy to hear ideas, suggestions or even critics.

I know that this is not a first such attempt to build such tool, but who knows, may be this time it will succeed…

Now about dark side. It is quite possible that it is just a stupid idea and it doesn’t worse to put any energy into such project. But lets argue about it. I would be happy if you will stop me now, before spending my quality time on useless work. Bring you arguments, bring some heavy ones…

Thank you for your interest!

We will contact you as soon as possible.

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