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Tikal has been providing services based on Open Source solutions for years. One might ask, what are the implications of mixing Open Source tools with the .NET domain? Well, as in all other SW fields, it means a lot of things. From our perspective it mostly means leveraging the power of Open Source tools, products, and communities to deliver better projects in terms of:


  1. Quality – widely adopted Open Source projects are well tested by practically all users’ community.
  2. Time to market – base projects on 3rd party frameworks / libraries (Open Source or not), when wisely picked, decrease development time.
  3. Cost – reduce licensing costs.
  4. Potential available man power – like every project, 3rd party platforms / libraries have their learning curves. Widely adopted Open Source platforms almost guarantee the cut of costs when there’s a need to extend an existing team.
  5. Although the 4 reasons mentioned above are sufficient for a decision maker to base a project on one or several Open Source platforms / libraries, there are many other reasons. These reasons are listed in one of the many websites dedicated to Open Source are out there, like OpenSource.


We at Tikal strongly believe in the power of community – the power to freely ask questions, the power of collaboration. We encourage you to actively participate in our community.

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