Open Source and .NET???

“Tikal is a leading provider of open source solutions for software development.” (from the about page). We at Tikal would also like to consider ourselves as a community.


And there’s Microsoft and its proprietary technology AKA .NET… So, why do we try to mix oil with water?


The answer is simple – we do not. Strangely enough, we’re not even the first to think about it! Microsoft set up a website for open source project hosting, called CodePlex. It’s on growing community of Open Source enthusiastic, and invites them to create Open Source projects and to contribute.


Furthermore, long before CodePlex, MS released a set of tools called Application Blocks. An application block is a tool, or a set of tools, formed to solve a common addressed problem. Widely used Application Blocks are Data Access Application Block, and Unity application Block (light-weight Inversion of Control container). All these Application Blocks are gathered into a general Patterns and Practices, which Microsoft declares as “Microsoft's proven practices for software engineering.”


A better emphasize (I think) on the involvement of MS in the Open Source world is: Port25.


Last but not least, in my opinion, one of the most surprising links one may find is Microsoft’s Open Source page.


So, we have a fast groing Open Source .NET community. It's a world wide trend - and as a community in Tikal are starting to become part of it.

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