More integration with Subversion

More integration with Subversion:
Integration of the TortoiseSVN client into the PL/SQL Developer IDE (Beta-phase) -

Simple add-in for Delphi and C++ Builder IDE's (a.k.a Borland Developer Studio, a.k.a Turbo Delphi/C++, a.k.a. CodeGear RAD Studio) - adds a menu with the most common TortoiseSVN commands to work with the current project file and an extra command to open an explorer window with current project (to access advanced TortoiseSVN commands). -

Another subversion plugin for Borland Developer Studio or some of the Turbos that does not require TortoiseSVN (i.e. works directly with SVN) -

Microsoft Office - Subversion integration: add-in scripts that invoke TortoiseSVN (Subversion Client) commands -

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