Do you to contribute to one of the coming Java sessions ?

As discussed on our last company status, we unified the Java server and client groups to "Java group". We'll have a monthly meeting, in which one of the members will introduce a technical session with Java orientation.

Since our members have heterogeneous orientations (client ,server and some have both), I suggest we'll have either of the following activities on the meeting :

  1. One of the members will introduce interesting activities on his customer project/product , a research he's done, contribution to open source etc.
  2. One of the members will introduce a technical topic. Preferable subjects are cross server and client like : Java application on Google App Engine, Seam based application, Cloud Computing and Grid computing, Spring dm server, Dynamic languages on the JVM , Spring Security etc.

Do you want to contribute and prepare one of the coming session ?

Big-Data and Backend-Architect

Backend Group
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