Google AppEngine for Java

Here is part 1 and part 2 of some guy's walkthrough in migrating his application to GAE (including Spring 3, JMX, AOP, and a bunch of other technologies). Interesting to read, and more interesting for me is to wonder who is going to use a JEE runtime which does not allow for "LIKE" queries, persisting more than one root object per transaction and a bunch of other funky limitations. As I commented on his piece:

"On the whole, GAE looks to me like a piece of c**p. Useless for anything other than fun(doubt that, too):
jpa limitations blow (same as the python version, btw) and all these quirks, memory errors and missing classes - sheeeesh! like the modifications the Groovy team had to put into their latest version in order to be “gae compatible”. what’s that, then? load of bullocks. not to say that Google owes anything to anyone, after all it’s a free service and all, but still, it reminded me of IE’s applet support :(
Seems like Google is making a (bad) habbit out of breaking and slicing the Java platform with all their
new and exiting technologies: GWT, Android, and now this. Very nice way to contribute back :\. it’s all abomination if you ask me - thanks but no thanks."


The blogposts are still pretty good reading, though...


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