Dream it! Reaction on the latest JBug.

The java threading is obviously the best of the threading paradigms we have!

(Now I squeeze my ears to avoid the loud and uncontrollable, sometimes even hateful reaction)

They just bark : “Scala is the right threading, you will do better with Scala”.


You can call that wrapper a language and fully enjoy it .

But somebody, even more skeptic than me has said: “Java is a C and an Assembly wrapper, so why it is a language and scala is not?”

I appreciate all those comments and have a right to completely ignore them.

That is because C is such uncomfortable to code, such OS dependent and Scala is so a black wrapper box, that my best practical feelings are still on the java side. And I completely disagree with a latest Jbug agenda “Is Java a productivity dead end?”.

I left the forum with the strongest  and unapologetic confidence: java’s death is yet to be fantasized in wet dreams of some python masochist!

Looking at site builders and templates creators work I have no problem – go ruby, go python, go any animal you know!  (BTW, the simplest shopping card in Django  is yet to mature, checked…)

In domain of miraculous concurrency and in domain of controllable changes and in domain of vendors supported solutions I have that confidence: Java is a way to go.

 Although I fully appreciate the scala’s message driven threading like a best practice to play in the concurrent world! Yes , I do.  I still feel a lack of vendor’s appreciation, a lack of integration and more: I feel I do something, that somebody somehow translates to some unknown byte code. Brrrr.....

You right, we can’t  completely control a native thread in Java on the lowest level , but we have a years of experience in java thread control, that is enough for most of tasks.

I think scala, ruby, python,  php, etc… all have heir niches, but to say “java is a dead end!!!” is to cheat themselves.

BTW: for the beast sake:  who likes those cumbersome and ugly expressions!!!??? And why it so problematic to create getters and setters, if anyway in any complex business application you have to modify their defaults?

Java is optimal between the freak C masochist choice and .Net girls innocence........

Although I fully confirm that fact - different languages improve our overall experience...

Whether it practical or not??? Chineese does much better in realm of intelligence practice, I'm sure.

I like your comments , buddies,  even if they are all offensive…as I can expect.

Thank you for your interest!

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