Subversion 1.6

Subversion is 1.6.2 was released on 11th of May.

Here are some important new features, enhancements and bug fixes:
- Repository Root relative URLs (client) - use of "short urls" :
  Syntax Description: "^/[REL-URL][@PEG]"
    '^/':      Represents the root url of the repository
    'REL_URL': Desired path relative to the root of the repository
    '@PEG':    Optional standard peg revision

- Improvements to svn:externals
    - Support for files in svn:externals
    - Support usual shell quoting rules in externals definitions

- Detection of tree conflicts (client):
      Subversion 1.6 recognizes a new kind of conflict, known as a "tree conflict".

      Such conflicts manifest at the level of directory structure, rather than file

      Situations now flagged as conflicts include deletions of locally modified files,  

      and incoming edits to locally deleted files. Files and directories which are

      victims of a tree conflict cannot be committed before the conflict is marked

      Note that Subversion is still treating renames as a "copy+delete" operation,

      so file renames causing tree conflicts can only be detected in terms of file

      additions and deletions. Because of this, false positives during tree conflict

      detection are possible.

- Filesystem Storage Improvements
     Subversion 1.6 contains several improvements to both the Berkeley DB and

     FSFS backends. These are designed to improve storage space, and can result

     in drastically smaller repositories.

- Improved interactive conflict resolution (command-line client)

- Sparse directory exclusion
    In Subversion 1.6, the --set-depth parameter to svn update has grown a new

    value—exclude. This value tells Subversion to exclude the target from the

    working copy, immediately and until further notice. Prior to Subversion 1.6, if a

    directory could not easily be removed from a working copy. If it was deleted

    without the help of Subvesion, it would return on the next svn update. If it

    was deleted with svn delete, the directory remained as a local modification

    forever. (Unless, of course, it was accidentally committed.) The new exclusion

    mechanism in Subversion 1.6 fixes both these problems.

See the full release notes of Subversion 1.6.x here:</wbr>svn_1.6_releasenotes.html


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