Using jbossall-client jar in a Hibernate environment


While working on a web app which included a Hibernate module,  I had to write a JMX client that communicates with another server instence.

After writing the client (using JBoss's RMIAdaptor), I wanted to test it, so I started adding JBoss dependencies to my project's pom.xml. At about the the 5th one, I stopped and reverted to the one jar that is supposed to rule them all: jbossclient-all.jar. While running the test, however, I got:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.hibernate.cfg.ExtendedMappings.getReflectionManager()Lorg/hibernate/reflection/ReflectionManager;

Indeed, the above jar contained some Hibernate classes (Hibernate classes? in a client jar? wtf?) - which were probably the reason for the graceful(not) behavior. My question: has anyone tackled this issue before? has anyone written jboss-specific JMX code and had to resolve the dependency issues?




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