New Community Graphic Design

We are in the process of finaliazing our new community site design and would like to get last mile remarks....

I am adding Shirily Bar-Or concept and the home draft, Please Read and Review attachment.





Site Structure


Site flow should be focused on easy navigation between groups and within each group, and enable intuitive orientation around.


Community groups are focal point of user’s interest.

Each group will be shown in the primary community menu first level, and then sectioned to

  • Main forum
  • Knowledge items
  • Group members area – blogs, user profiles


Each group will have a ‘Home’ tab that will present updated recent information relevant for specific group


Secondary sections will present

  • Knowledge items (including user links)
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Events
  • Etc., any other form of knowledge presentation


‘My Account’ will gather all admin issues, such as managing profile, content (adding knowledge according to permission) and group subscription


Additional info bar will present (dynamic content, relevant for each page)

  • Taxonomy
  • Online users (dynamic list)
  • User content
  • PROMOTIONAL – Tikal catalog, upcoming events, top stories

Page Structure


All pages will be structured of a fixed top bar, holding Tikal logo, site links, search bar and breadcrumbs, and a side bar holding additional info.

Main area and side bar content will vary according to page type.



Page Types


Home page / group home – summary of recent content, promotional, teasers, online users


Content page – knowledge items, forum posts


User profile


List page – members,


Admin pages – edit content, edit profile, subscribe


Catalog of Tikal offerings


Other static pages, such as About Tikal, Vision, Contact



Graphic Design


Layout should be clear, well organized, young, 2.0, vibrant.
colour scheme is derived from Tikal logo.
Orange colour will be used for distinguishing Tikal business from community info, whereas a more 'conservative', 'business-like', monochromatic blue / grey will mark community part.


Drafts are ‘marking items’ (icon, section name and so on), rather than presenting actual final terminology.


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