Dynamic languages will replace java? I am afraid yes...

Well, After hearing allot from all the smart guys at Tikal and outside, you should look at dynamic languages...

I started to dive a little bit into the domain and I must admit I think all "I told you" guys are right!

The main reason it's now is, most of developers are feed up of the cycle of "compile-package-deploy", they just want the "compile-deploy" cycle. (and yes, I am familiar with JavaRebel )

The big question is which language / technology to pick?

Python ? I was amazed of the Django framework presentation Udi from BeeTV gave us, the framework and the language is easy and extensible not only at the front-end but also at back-end (could replace spring and hibernate DAO at glance).
But the big problem is with Django is we probably will start a new project from scratch with it, not suitable to old and new code mash-ups.

Ruby ? well I didn't get into much details here yet, but I did attend Adi great presentation of RubyOnRails, he just did the magic and we had a new application in minutes. but as most of us know, ruby has some flaws in terms of multi platform and performance.

I heard about Scala and Errlang before, but didn't pay attention to them at all, till Adi sent me today this link Twitter on Scala

Well the main reason I writing this post is, I have just learned nor Ruby or Python have "an environment for long lived processes. But the JVM is very good at that, because it’s been optimized for that over the last ten years"
It's mean Java could be replaced with other language, but the JVM is here to stay!

Well, probably I didn't covered all the details, but if someone want to add more info please, do, I just wanted to share you all we should start thinking about the next wave...








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