KapInspect - Swiss army knife for Flex developers

This excellent Tool can help developers to control the structure of a given application, monitor and analyse the events process, check the design and the styles, manipulate objects properties and more.


  • Objects inspection at n levels, through class introspection mechanisms
  • Event monitoring for all built-in events, with filtering and creation flux monitoring
  • Style inspector & editor
  • Display list statistics
  • Type explorer (inheritance and members)
  • Watch Bindings in action
  • MemoryLeak Inspector
  • Inspection of popups
  • Enter debugger when binding fires
  • Structured XML Inspection
  • Inspect ItemRenderer objects easily at runtime
  • Understand the event flow of complex operations
  • Try changes on UI: size, position, style and apply to your code
  • Understand the display list of an unknown application (even no-so-well known ones)
  • Find out from where this Binding is fired
  • Discover components of a Flex application


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