JBoss 5 starts slowly

JBoss 5 starts very slowly.

As we can see from the part of log - it takes about 1 min to pass these four lines.

Sometimes 1 min can grow to several minutes.

09:50:43,819 INFO  [ProfileServiceImpl] Loaded profile: ProfileImpl@17035c6{key=org.jboss.profileservice.spi.ProfileKey@f9d9dd27[domain=default,server=defa
09:50:52,413 INFO  [WebService] Using RMI server codebase: http://nimrod-desk:8083/
09:51:10,758 INFO  [NativeServerConfig] JBoss Web Services - Stack Native Core
09:51:10,758 INFO  [NativeServerConfig] 3.0.4.SP1
09:51:49,916 INFO  [MailService] Mail Service bound to java:/Mail

Any ideas ?

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