Community Site - Update

Hi everybody,

I wanted to share some of the bottom lines we drew from the last discussions regarding the community site, and tell you about some other things I've been working on.

 As always, I'd be appreciative for your time and effort reading and, if possible, feedbacking...

 1. Complaints you've raised

Over engineering

agreed. I've shut off some of the modules in the site that were not used, for example Audio (for podcasts), chat rooms, messaging, etc. As a result, the common functionality should get clearer

Over control

I've added more reasonable navigation flows.
I think we should also do some live training/usage sessions, at least for group owners to pass it on. What do you think?

Open source cloud looks a mess

Perhaps, but it is here to stay. Tikal lives and prospers in the technological domains, and the cloud reflects and enforces that in the realms of the site. However, no doubt we should try to get the look and feel better, as always. In the todo tray

Groups pages are not specific

We need to investigate this matter to better understand the specific layout(not content) needed per group. What panes or blocks which are specific to group would you like to see?

Domain hierarchy is not flexible enough

Aha! this is a tough one.
using an open taxonomy means that we'lll gradually be inserting a lot of crap(duplicates, typos, ...) to our main dictionary. Since there isn't/shouldn't be a moderator for the taxonomy(?), that means the quality of data inserted will gradually deteriorate. What can we do? your thoughts welcome...

Navigation is not easy

I've redesigned some of the menus, including main navigation (top bar) and commmunity/networking, trying to make them smaller and more intuitive. Also, you'll find that the 'Compose' menu has drastically gotten smaller... any specific ideas for navigations you are missing?


2. Suggestions you've raised

Get rid of hierarchies, leaved only tags in

no simple as it sounds, see "domain hierarchy is not flexible enough" at the top

Allow free html content

done. Please do not use this to post html content generated from MS-Word/Frontpage/whatever-fancy-pants-html-"editor" you're using! Use built in styles for formatting code, titles, etc.

Supply a "nodes by popularity" view

in todo tray

Fewer content types: Forums, Blogs, Knowledge Items, User Links


E-mail / mailing list support

most definitely in todo tray, high priority

Create an easy way to post to a forum, both from forum screen and main screen

in todo tray


3. Other suggestions


I've tried opencalais-drupal integration module, and it seems to be too general for our purposes.
The concept of opencalais is that the taxonomy/dictionary already exists and it only gives tagging capabilities without the ability to extend the dictionary itself. Obviously, Reuters will not have th knowledge on JSG Component Libraries, Hadoop, or other technical domains we're interested in... in my todo tray: keep looking

Add fine-grained groups (Flex, Web, Spring, etc.)

Done. As of today, every group owner can now use the 'Compose' menu to create a new group / subgroup. We should have a group setup session soon. In the meantime, feel free to give it a spin, feedback welcome...

New items advanced to the top of the group page

no action item, already done (did I miss something here?)

Better e-mails

I've rewritten all message templates, they should be clearer and jabber free now. let me know if you think otherwise.

Submitting User Links via delicious

Love the idea, need more investigations. The real quetion is: are we willing to sacrifice domain taxonomy and group association for ease of submitting? so far, my answer had been no, and since delicious submitting currently will not allow us to add this metadata, it looks problematic...

Done! see here.

Reduce post metadata

make posting easy is a long term goal, not easy to achieve.
So far, I was able to remove only some of the data from the needed posts,

Twitter integration

twitter/drupal integration is partial, barely allowing adding twitter account information in the user's profile. other integration methods exists, such as via rss, but that, as in delicious, might not allow for any metadata to be added on posts. What do you think - do we have any use for untagged info?


What do you think? Did I miss anything important from the discussion? 

waiting to hear your responses...



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