Eclipse Monkey

This isn't a new project, some of you are already familiar with this one (

Just that there are times when you find yourself writing some code over and over again but the Eclipse plugin that you are using doesn't let you have an option of doing that. For example: I'm writing some Flex application which I have number of properties and I need to expose getters and setters for it. The Flex Builder doesn't have this option so what can we do?

Using Eclipse Monkey you can then by simple JavaScript code generate that missing code. You can download an example for generting getters and setters for Flex properties


  1. Inside FlexBuilder to to Help-> Software Updates-> Find and Install
  2. Search new features to install
  3. Add New Remote Site (enter name and url (
  4. Click finish to check for updates and install Eclipse Monkey
  5. Restart Flex Builder
  6. You should see Script menu (Look at the top menu you have a new root item:)

For more info see this link


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