reasons for moving from java 1.5 to 1.6 instead of waiting to 1.7

A client working with java 1.5 asked us what's better for him - moving to 1.6, or waiting until 1.7 comes.
I answered that I think it's better moving to 1.6 now than staying with 1.5 until 1.7 arrives, because of the following improvements that 1.6 offers (compared to 1.5):
  1. I/O performance (tested by ~4,000 concurrent socket connections): 125% improvement
  2. java-server benchmarks (VolanoMark, SPECjbb): between 60% - 75% improvement
  3. Memory footprint: 10% lower
  4. Application start-up time: 15% faster (due to an improved bootstrap CL)

you can see the java 6 performance white paper for the complete results -

In conclusion - It seems upgrading to JSE6 is worth the effort, especially if you're looking for improved performance.


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