luntbuild and shared working copies



Client's luntbuild machine is running on a 64 bit machine and he needs to perform post-builds on the same working copy luntbuild checkouts from, problem is that the remote machine is using an SVN 1.5 client and the luntbuild machine is using 1.4 version - therefore when the 32 bit client tries to read the working copy from luntbuild's work dir the build fails - on the svn update part of the build!.

In General: In Tikal-ALM's version of luntbuild - luntbuild 1.5.6, luntbuild uses 1.4 version of svn which means that the .svn / _svn directory created under luntbuild's workdir is saved in a 1.4 version, and if a different client for example tortoise / eclipse doesn't use the same svn client version, we won't be able to keep files in svn context because the 1.4 client saves the .svn in a different way and only 1.4 clients would be able to read it.


Target: Use luntbuild to checkout a working copy with 1.5 version of svn.

The non-elegant “work around” is using a script which will convert the working copy from 1.4 to 1.5 and visa verse, so the 32 bit machine can read from the same working copy - this script is attached to this post (see below).

The elegant way is to force luntbuild to use the systems default svn client which is quite simple actually, go to your luntbuild web interface choose your project then create a new (if you convert the existing one you loose all directories realted to checkout) VCS adapter and in "Version Control System" instead of using "subversion" use "subversionExe" - this will force luntbuild to use the OS's version of subversion instead of the svn client luntbuild uses out of luntbuild's environment. Once you have a new VCS adapter with subversionExe copy 'n' paste your existing svn locations related to that VCS then remove the old VCS adapter – if you dont remove it luntbuild will use both VCS adapters during build!

please note: this was only tested on linux - but I presume windows will give the same result.


In luntbuild 1.6.x this problem should resolve itself because luntbuild is going to use version 1.5 of svn client. Although I believe, we will then be facing problems with clients that need 1.4 checkout from SVN - in those cases we should use the same example of the subversionEXE VCS adapter but make sure the systems svn client is 1.4.x



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