JavaFX is it ready to rock?

Lately I have heard all kind of saying about JavaFX, some said that it's lame and that you can hardly draw a circle, some said that it's pretty cool. I set down and started googeling :-@ looking for the real answer...

First I did a pretty simple tutorial - clock application, a real one which even works ;-) I followed the instructions and I have to say that this time I did it by the book, meaning I even installed NetBeans and enjoyed that very much, this was my first NetBeans use since I have tried an early version back then. JavaFX NetBeans environment is very nice you can drag and drop all kind of stuff from a pallete which generates the code for you. Nice formatting feature which organize your code and you get even a preview to your work. One major con was that I couldn't organize my imports - that was very annoying. Else then that you have all you need for creating your JavaFx application.

The tutorial went well and an awesome clock came to life. But hey if you want to build a real business application you need a lot more then just basic graphics capabilities.

I moved on to the next step looking for basic components and for decent client server communication. After a little research I found couple of examples of how you can use a WebService and even talking JSON and with JavaFX binding feature you are good to go.

So far so good - I saw some good looking graphics applications examples I have client server communication now all I need is some basic components and maybe a charts bundle. Here is the problem I had to try very hard to come up with a Pie chart that someone did I cannot even talk about basic UI Components like data grid. If you want it you have to write it or look for someone whom already wrote one.

You might want to have a look at Project Scene Graph which can handle Swing Components, but you really want that? Going back to Swing? I don't really think so.

Another little thought was about the Applet. I can remember the fear from those Applets where building business applications, no customer wanted it in his production, security issues they said, I wonder if that's going to change?



JavaFX is a cool technology which make your code simple and you can easily create a RIA business application, although it's making a nice progress it's still not there. You still have to code a lot to get a basic application. It looks like we'll have to wait some more until it's ready... I think that when it'll be ready then it will rock.





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