Open Source Matching Engine by Sun

Mural is a new open source project and community for MDM (Master Data Management).

Mural-DM-DQ (Data Quality) which provides the capability to match, deduplicate, merge, and cleanse data from various sources and Mural-DM-MI (Master Index Studio) which is a NetBeans plugin that would generate a domain-specific Master Index JEE application.

MDM was born out of the great pain of the "data integration problem". The classic example is customer information that exists in multiple sources like CRM system, Billing system, Call Center system but each system has a different list of customers, or when different vendor has a different product ids for same products, or different universities give different names to the same courses etc...

Matching technology is closely related to search technology, only that search is based just on keywords in unstructured text and match cares also for the field structure of the data.



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