Subversion 1.5.2 on ubuntu


Subversion 1.5 is out for some time now but no one in the ubuntu project add an apt-get package to the repositories. Until it will be done, using svn 1.5 on ubuntu box mean building subversion from source in the good old Linux way.

Subversion provide a ready to build tarball using gnu utils. Once downloaded and untar - cd into the root folder (subversion-1.5.2 in my case) and run:

<long output ...>
<even longer output ...>
$sudo make install

And that it. well - almost.

I came across some issues during the process:

1. Not all gcc libereries where installed by my default ubuntu installation.

After some googling on the ./configure error massege i used synaptic to add:

libc6-dev (2.7-10ubuntu4)
Linux-libc-dev (2.6.24-19.41)

And ./configure exit with no erors.

2. No apr was found.

Synatic again, this time i add:

libapr1 (1.2.11-1)
libaprutil1 (1.2.12+dfs- 3)

Apache-common and some other apache stuff came along as dependencies. Fine by me - i want to install server as well at the next stage. make was running withno error now.

3. No neon.

This one was the tricky one. 'Make' works fine as well as 'make install'. svn is in the path and everyone is happy. But trying to checkout from Tikals repo gave the error:

svn: unrecognized url schema

The client cant "talk" http://. So i went back to synaptic and add:

libneon27-dev (0.27.2-1)

Oops. The compilation that worked before i add neon is not working anymore. The error make returned was:

no such file 

Apparently  there is a bug in ubuntu neon disro. (Bug #96700): the file is missing from the package. I used the workaround recommended in the bug report and edit Makefile: changing to . The main problem with this solution is that Makefile is being rewritten every run of ./configure. So if you change configuration you should re-edit the Makefile.

There is another way to bypass this issue; subversion provide a subversion-deps tarball with the source of all dependencies. Including APR, neon and some others. I tried to avoid building the dependencies and use the distro binaries because of a hole set of 2nd degree dependencies that can easily become a nightmare.




subversion 1.5.2

subversion-deps 1.5.2


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