The Maven Integration for Eclipse 0.9.6 is released

The m2eclipse team is happy to announce the 0.9.6 release of Maven integration for Eclipse (m2eclipse). You can install new version from Eclipse update site at

Note that you need to use "Install" action in the Eclipse Update Manager, even if you already have m2eclipse installed. This way you will pickup newly added plugins and features.

There is a known issue that after restarting Eclipse from Update Manager it may fail to initialize JDT plugins. You have to restart Eclipse one more time to clean that up.

If you are using Eclipse Ganymede release and WTP 3.0 (including the one from Eclipse for Java EE developers bundle) we also recommend you update to WTP 3.0.1 from the update site at

This release is primarily focused on bug fixes and improving stability and performance. You can see full list of issues resolved in this release in the

project bug tracker<p>.</p>

<p>The most notable features and improvements are:</p><ul><li>Improved startup time by persisting resolved dependencies state and restoring saved state on Eclipse startup</li><li>Project import and "Update Project Configuration" action now sets "derived" flag on module folders as well as on output folders</li><li>Added "Maven modules filter" to the "Package Explorer" view. It can be enabled from view menu (Ctrl+F10 in "Package Explorer" view) / Filters… / Maven modules filter.</li><li>Implemented an SCM handler and UI for Eclipse Team/CVS provider.</li><li>Added support for working sets to all Maven wizards</li><li>Maven POM Editor improvements: <ul><li>Dependency Graph and Dependency Hierarchy pages in Maven POM editor allow to focus graph or hierarchy view on selected dependency scope.</li><li>Added basic completion for plugin configuration parameters in the XML editor.</li><li>Action "Show Dependency Hierarchy" in Maven popup menu for jar entries in "Maven Dependencies" classpath container opens Maven POM editor and selects corresponding jar entry on the Dependency Hierarchy page.</li></ul></li></ul><p>You can see the full</p>New and Noteworthy<p>list for this and previous releases on the project</p>wiki<p>.</p>

<p>We would like to thank everyone who helped us with this release, including early feedback, bug reports, test projects, discussions in the</p>mailing list<p>and the</p>news group<p>. We appreciate all of it, but especially the time it takes to create test projects that allow us to reproduce a bug. As always, bug reports and feature requests are welcome in the project</p>issue tracker<p>.</p>

<p>We also created a convenient update site for MyEclipse users to allow to disable Maven4MyEclipse feature and replace it with stock m2eclipse -</p><p>.</p>

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