Equinox OSGi

Equinox is the core of the Eclipse platform and a major contributor to the success of Eclipse on the client-side (RCP). Plug-ins and Extension Points based on the OSGi runtime are solid architectural building blocks. However, Equinox is not limited to the client-side. It can be applied in a general way to build any kind of application, especially servers. Imagine extending your server with additional functionality by installing some extra bundles, like a log analyzer for your HTTP service. Equinox-based servers use the OSGi runtime which provides a service abstraction and OSGi services map well to services in a SOA. OSGi is a dynamic environment where bundles can be installed, started, stopped and uninstalled at runtime. This intensive training will cover fundamentals of OSGi as well as advanced topics and specific features of Eclipse Equinox. You will apply the theoretical knowledge in several labs which will give you the practical experience necessary for your projects.

  • Format: Four-day class with hands-on labs
  • Audience: Software developers and architects
  • Prerequisites: Advanced skills in Java development, know-how of Eclipse SDK as a Java IDE and basic know-how of XML


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