Who hides in your Spring factory?


<p>…We here in SoftAMIS, we’ve created small utility that performs dump of internals for given Spring context (by examining registered bean definitions). It unwraps all custom tags into their internal representation.</p><p>Similarly to approach from Spring reference:) If you have in your context declaration like that:</p><pre><util:map
id="testMap"> <entry key="key" value="value"/>
</util:map> <util:property-path path="testMap.values"/>
</pre><p>in corresponding dumped context you’ll get:</p><pre><bean name="testMap" class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.MapFactoryBean">
  <property name="sourceMap">
    <map> <entry key="key" value="value"/> </map>
name="testMap.values" p:propertyPath="values"
</pre><p> </p>

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