Java enrichment lectures

Tikal's Java group enrichment lectures are Free, at your reach, You can either join our local public lectures at "Fullstack Developers Israel" meetup group, or host a lecture at your offices to enrich your colleagues and team members.
This offering os available for Israeli local business only.

Experimenting using Micro-service to establish your Realtime BigData solution with Storm and Kafka.

Kafka is a high-throughput distributed messaging system, and Storm is a distributed and fault-tolerant real-time computation. Both technologies can be elastically and transparently expanded without downtime. This session presents the main concepts of Kafka and Storm , and then we'll show how a simple stream-processing "micro-service" module is implemented and integrated with an existing application using these two technologies. 40min By Yanai Franchi

Time Frame : 40 min. 
Lecturer : Yanai Franchi - Tikal's JAVA architect & group leader.
Price : F.O.C.

Akka in a nutshell

Akka aims to be the platform for the next-generation, event-driven, scalable, and fault-tolerant architectures on the JVM.

One of the core features of Akka is an implementation of the Actor model. It alleviates the developer from having to deal with explicit locking and thread management. Using the Actor model raises the abstraction level and provides a better platform for building correct concurrent and scalable applications.

Actors in akka:

  • Simple and high-level abstractions for concurrency and parallelism.
  • Asynchronous, non-blocking and highly performant event-driven programming model.
  • Very lightweight event-driven processes

Fault Tolerance:

  • Supervisor hierarchies with "let-it-crash" semantics (parent actor supervising child actors).
  • Supervisor hierarchies can span over multiple JVMs to provide truly fault-tolerant systems.
  • Excellent for writing highly fault-tolerant systems that self-heal and never stop.

Location Transparency:

Everything in Akka is designed to work in a distributed environment: all interactions between actors use pure message passing and everything is asynchronous. 

Time Frame : 50 min. 
Lecturer : Lior Perry  - Tikal's JAVA group member. 
Price : F.O.C.

Play Framework

Wind of change in Java ecosystem.
It combines the best of all worlds: simplicity and rapid development of Ruby, asynchronous power of Node.js and strict type system and elegancy of Scala. This session covers the basics of Play framework, an overview of the most cool features of the upcoming version 2.1, and an overview of a few (out of hundreds available) Play modules, with an accent on the cloud development, scalability and big data.

Time Frame : 50 min. 
Lecturer : Andrew Skiba  - Tikal's JAVA group leader.
Price : F.O.C.

Scala on the Run

Scala is a fun and powerful language, which incorporates Functional and Imperative paradigms into the programmers toolset. In this presentation, I will try to outline the benefits of programming in Scala, and show some of its myriad of features and tricks.

Time Frame : 50 min.
Lecturer : Nimrod Argov - Tikal's JAVA group member.
Price : F.O.C.


Scalable Applications with Scala from Nimrod Argov