Primary Skills

Professional experience

FE Developer @ Cyberint
  • Taking part in creating a cutting edge app using react + webpack + sass
  • Working in ES2015 using REDUX methodoloigy
  • scrum process + pull requests
FE Developer @ Sizmek
  • Fixing bugs and Creating features for a full-blown SPA using angular+grunt+sass
  • Creating and using unit and E2E tests with karma and cucumber
  • Working in scrum methodology with a 5-member team
  • Refactoring and optimizing the code base. - full browser compliance
Fullstack Developer @ Check Point
  • Creating a graphical interface based on D3 + animations, and TopoJSON using angular.js.
  • Consuming push notifications from the server via atmosphere.js.
  • Customizing charts.js and using it to display graphs.
  • Refactoring and consulting the company in it’s launch of a re-branded main website.
  • Creating a fully responsive UI using bootstrap - mobile friendly.
  • App can be seen on the company’s main site ( - threatcloud)
Fullstack Developer @ SundaySky
  • Maintaining and adding features to an existing SPA application, built using angular.js, that consumes a Restful API from the server side built with java and jersey.
  • Adding new features in new or existing pages, as well as optimizing performance and improving general code quality in the app.
  • Working on end-to-end tasks involving server side coding in J2EE with hibernate, jersey and gradle.
  • On the client side, the work involved angular components - controllers, directives and services, while using grunt, bower and several 3rd party plug-ins: ui-router, ui-bootstrap, lodash, flow.js and more.
  • The product Used a Jenkins build pipeline, with grunt and gradle as build automation tools, and SVN as source control.
  • Introduced Angular’s UI-Router as a way of improving navigation within the application, which made possible using controller inheritence ,nested views, and resolving dependencies prior to controller load.
  • Introduced a way of cache-busting static resources calls per-build by using a grunt task ‘grunt-replace’.
  • Other tasks involved optimizing the application’s performance by eliminating redundent calls, and refactoring code for greater usability.


by matanw

Following my Vanilla redux workshop, I’d like to share the video & slides with you. The Redux state managment library is often mistaken to be used with react only.  In this hands-on workshop I will show some examples of usage with native javascript only, as well as a bit of...