Tell your story

Tell your story

Talking about…

Once in a while i get questions about being a better developer.  How to achieve a higher knowledge rank, get to know so many things in our tiny Development world. 

So i say, Tell your story.

I do it myself once in a while, at least quarterly and try to do it on a monthly basis.

How this will help ?

Well, for starts you will traverse who you are,  Understand your motivation, your path, your goals.

A big part of what we do in Tikal is share knowledge. Knowledge sharing is done both with our clients but mostly it’s done with our peers, friends and colleagues within Tikal.  Sometimes just for fun, as we all enjoy reading about new technologies, we all want to hear/check out something new and cool… 

Thus, We tell our story.

Public speaking isn’t easy for all.. but it’s helping to have a supporting team, reaching out and helping whenever possible it’s one of the most blessings i see. 

Tell your story, Talk about stuff you’ve seen, you’ve read, you’ve learned, you taught.  Listen, Listen to team members, colleagues, friends . Tell your story over and over again, hearing it out loud helps you with thoughts. 

Want to tell your story?

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