Advanced Android - Lollipop, Design, Recycle and Code - Event lectures video and slide

Advanced Android - Lollipop, Design, Recycle & Code
Event lectures video & slides

Following the successful FullStack event with over 300 members, we are happy to share the slides and video's from the event.
Since the Donut days we made a jump to Ice Cream Sandwich eating Jelly beans and now it's time to enjoy the rich flavours of the Lollipop. Android Latest version comes packed with Materials, views and under the hoods improvements.
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Android RecyclerView from basic to intermediate Covering Adapter, ViewHolder, LayoutManager, ItemDecoration & ItemAnimator. A coding advice session with tips and valuable insights.
By: Yossi Elkrief, Tikal - Mobile group leader

Material design - demystified





Heard about material design? not sure how what it means and how to build it in Android? You have come to the right place. In this talk I will explain what is material design and what are the principles behind it. We will talk about print like design, paper and ink. We will also learn some tips and tricks on how to get your Android app Materialized!
By: Ran Nachmany, Google

Android Concurrency

Expose of Android concurrent idioms and memory model, covering threads, AsyncTasks, Loaders and Executors and ForkJoinPool. Will focus on optimising code with concurrent algorithms and lock-free data structures.Expect a code intensive advice session with tips and valuable insights.
By: Muhammad Zahalqa, GDG Leader Nazareth
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