Automated UI testing for web applications Event lectures video & slides

Automated UI testing for web applications
Event lectures video & slides

Following the successful FullStack event with over 260 members, we are happy to share the slides and video's from the event.
Automated testing has been a de-facto standard in many aspects of software development for several years now, however automated UI testing for web applications is a pretty new field, and is considered uncharted territory for many developers.

UI testing

A technical walk through common modern UI testing techniques and frameworks, the differences between the various frameworks and best practices
By: Oren Farhi from Tikal ~45min.

Intro To JavaScript Unit Testing





These days, web applications became a main part of most developers life and larger code bases are written in JavaScript which makes unit testing essential.In this session I’ll introduce JavaScript testing and discuss the basics of JavaScript unit testing. We’ll cover the following aspects: -Why test your code? -Intro to TDD/BDD. -The challenges in writing JavaScript unit tests. -Testing JavaScript using Mocha and Chai.
By Ran Mizrahi ~45min. 

Automated End-To-End Testing with Selenium

A drill down into maybe the most popular framework for automated web testing - Selenium. We will also discuss the ecosystem in which the tests are executed and it’s importance in continuous integration and continuous deployment workflows
By Oren Rubin ~45min.
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