The Big Bang event video & slides - Micro Services with RabbitMQ, Angular, Go, Sensu, Storm & Docker


The Big Bang event 
video & slides

Following the succesfull FullStack event with over 300 members, we are happy to share the video and slides from the event. This event revolves around a real-life use-case of a startup growth using micro Services with RabbitMQ, Angular, Go, Sensu, Storm & Docker.
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Splitting the monolithic application, when why and how? 
We will showcase the application, why was it split into several services and will also discuss the messaging that's required to run this kind of application in production.  
Application to application messaging is crucial for this to work, we will show you how it's done, monitored, scaled and deployed, all in a single day of lectured pumped with real-life stories and use-cases.  40min By Avi Tzurel (view the slides)
Moving to Client-side Application from Server Page Application.
A talk about the necessity and advantages of developing UI as detached client rendered web-apps. 20min By Assaf Gannon 


High-throughput Service using Go 
Go is an open source language from Google, combines both high performance and high productivity. In this talk I will introduce some of the language features and will demonstrate a small and performant web-service written in go. 30min By Tor Ivry (view the slides)


Monitoring your Services using Sensu, Kibana and Logstash 
Monitoring is an important aspect of the day-to-day operation of any customer-facing service. In this talk we will look at the unique problems and challenges of monitoring distributed, service-oriented applications and focus on two tools that help face these challenges. Kibana is a visual log analysis tool built on top of Elastic Search that helps sift through large amount of aggregated log data, and Sensu is a distributed cloud-oriented monitoring application that can help monitor anything from OS services to APIs and react to problems in real-time. 30min. By Zohar Arad (View the slides)


Experimenting using Micro-service to establish your Realtime BigData solution with Storm and Kafka. 
Kafka is a high-throughput distributed messaging system, and Storm is a distributed and fault-tolerant real-time computation. Both technologies can be elastically and transparently expanded without downtime. This session presents the main concepts of Kafka and Storm , and then we'll show how a simple stream-processing "micro-service" module is implemented and integrated with an existing application using these two technologies. 40min By Yanai Franchi

Docking your services with Docker 
How MSA (Micro Service Architecture) encourages immutable servers and how containers help deliver such an architecture. The talk will discuss LXC, Docker and technologies / techniques which are making there way in to the "best practices" handbook for containers in a MSA based systems. 30min By Haggai Zaguri

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