S3 - Mounting S3 Buckets With S3fs

A cheap solution on Amazon s3 for uploading files to s3 via SSH

I needed to upload files from my Corporate environment in a push mode meaning I do not open any “special” ports in my environemnt in order to enable users to put files on S3. I am curentelly testing to see how robust this solution really is but basically what I found myself doing is install s3fs (link to project page) like so:

wget http://s3fs.googlecode.com/files/s3fs-1.73.tar.gz

tar xvzf s3fs-1.73.tar.gz

cd s3fs-1.73 ./configure --prefix=/usr

make && make install

I was installing this for Suse but for Amazon linux/redhat etc you might find a package see: here.

Once the package is installed you can use s3fs


s3fs dev_tools /mnt/dev_tools/

Worth noting you do not need to specify the s3 url, you only specify the bucket name !

The same thing / very similir in /etc/fstab will look like so:

s3fs#dev_tools /mnt/dev_tools fuse allow_other,user=youruser 0 0

The mount opts are extreemly important – without the allow_other flag the user cannot write to the directory.

This is really awesome – we now jsut need to make sure the connectivity is reliable / fast enough and this will become very usefull. As always hope you find this useful.

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