Bootstrap version 3 (RC1) released

The long awaited version 3 (RC1) of the popular front end framework - "Bootstrap" - has been released.

This version has been revamped from the ground up. 

One of the main upgrades is the mobile first approach that bootstrap embraced. This means that responsive design is integrated to the roots (and in bootstrap.css only) of the framework, so adaptations for various resolutions will work as expected.

IE 8-9 are still supported, aside for CSS3 properties that have become part of the standard, such as: border-radius, box-shadow etc. There's polyfill for those if needed.

The Javascript Components section has also been revamped with new approach - allowing for all components to be triggered by markup only (no need for js code) or by js api calls. Moreover, most of bootstrap's plugins provide custom namespaced events to unique actions.

The overall design is in the spirit of this year's trend - flat design.

As a final note, the customization section is disabled for this RC1 version of bootstrap, but can be customized via css LESS compilation for now.

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