The Future of .Net (answer to Scott Allen)

This is an answer to Scott’s Allen article about the future of .Net

He is right! The .Net focus has long been shifted now to other technologies and new horizons. I don’t think that there are management people in MS that sit and think “ohh, what shell we do next? Kill the .Net FW? Maybe we should focus on Azure?” MS, like every other company is driven by sales and market trends, this is how capitalization works. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter if MS will OSS .Net entirely… it misses the point. The point is, that there are many technologies for server side coding now. Look at the java equivalent: how many JAVA developers transferred to JS or Ruby? How many Java developers are no longer using pure java on the server side? Do new startups today choose java for their server FW? I think we all know the answer for that. And by the way, the buzz around java (when Oracle took over) was very much the same as the buzz around .Net today.

Most of the client side development that used to be desktop domain has shifted in the last 5 years to HTML 5. Not because HTML5 has a better solution and “now we can do more with HTML5”. And basically you could achieve everything even before HTML5 was introduces regarding desktop apps. The thing is, the spirit has changed. No IT wants to deploy a desktop app, nor do they want to maintain versions. But the big shifts is that heavy lifting processes like (conversions, image processing, data processing) has moved to the cloud. Now that the cloud services are everywhere – the software development ecosystem has changed forever.


The future of Java, .Net, node.JS, Ruby etc’ as a server side FW is the same. None of them control all the different scenarios today, and only a true synergy between them (or some of them) can produce a real server solution for web/mobile apps. Maybe ruby is more advanced than java these days, but let’s wait 5 years and see ruby being trade for…?… much as PHP was back in 2003

And on the desktop side, what’s going on there? Is JS taking the place of all other languages? Not yet! Look at the native mobile development… developers have a hard choice when facing phone gap with native… still it clearly a “matter of time” when a true synergy will exists between both approaches.

The true echo system now, IMHO, is synergy between platforms, cloud services, and micro development – which is the combination of OSS projects.


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