TFS – web UI adopted Typescript

Here is a good read from Brain Harry’s blog about how they adopted type script to build TFS’ web UI. (If you are not familiar with typescript than it’s kind ‘a like dart or enhanced cofeeScript with a compiler service. Still hot from MS oven)

A couple of months ago (before it was even announced), we made the decision to convert all of our Javascript to Typescript.

Now, to be clear, this wasn’t some pile of spaghetti, hacked up Javascript to start with. It was Javascript that was heavily tested – both with unit tests and with functional tests. It was JSLint clean. It was code that we felt we’d done everything reasonable to ensure it was the highest quality, production code. And yet, the conversion helped find 13 bugs that we did not know about. Just so you can get a flavor of the kinds of issues Typescript helped find

Overall, we’ve been super happy with the result. We feel like we’re going to be more productive with better tooling experiences like Intellisense, the code will be better structured, more maintainable and ultimately higher quality.

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