Tikal's JavaScript & HTML5 workshop - June 2012


Tikal Knowledge, provider of open source solutions and services, invites you to take the opportunity for a real JavaScript & HTML5 hands-on workshop for the best practices of development using this cutting edge technologies.


This workshop is for back-end or front-end developers with basic skills in Javascript, HTML and CSS.




This 5 Sessions workshop, will be held at Tikal's offices by : Gabriel Axel, between 16:00-20:00, on the following dates :


Session #1 - Monday 11.6.12:

  • Introduction to HTML (including HTML5)
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Overview of Firebug and Chrome Developer Tools


Session #2 - Thursday 14.6.12

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Selected jQuery plugins
  • Dependency Management: RequireJS


Session #3 - Monday 18.6.12

  • Templating: Underscore
  • MVC framework: Backbone

Session #4 - Thursday 21.6.12

  • HTML5 APIs
  • Fallback for unsupported APIs

Session #5 - Monday 25.6.12

  • Comprehensive project


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