Use specific version of RubyGems per project with RVM

If you’re following this blog (and of course you should), you know by now that I have been upgrading a bug project to rails 3. One of the things that I needed to do was to upgrade RubyGems.

Since I did not make the switch completely (production still on rails 2.3.10), I’m fixing p0 bugs on the old project and merging the changes.

One problem I encountered is that rails 2.3.10 does not run with the latest RubyGems.

Since I am using RVM, it made since that this project will run on a specific version of RubyGems and the main project (the rails 3 one) will run on the latest.

It turned out to be very simple:

rvm rubygems 1.4.2

Once you execute this bit of code, it will download RubyGems and this RVM folder will use it.

As always, if this helped you, drop me a note, let me know.

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