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As you know, on top of being a .NET developer and client side (HTML) developer I do quite a bit of RIA using Flash/Flex and of course ActionScript 3.

Being the geek that I am loving new tools to make my life easier I found 2 tools that are free to use and work great with AS3 code.

These tools can be used to develop a complete project or just classes for use with a Flash application.

Here they are…

Sepy –The ActionScript editor

Untitled-1 Sepy is a minimal ActionScript editor, you can use it for editing .AS or .ASC files.

The application is very light weight and easy to work with, it offers partial code hinting (intellisence) and code compiling but you have to download an ActionScript compiler for that.


You can download it from here


flashdevelop FlashDevelop is a more advanced application.

This application can create projects, search and replace in files, it offers full intellisence.

The application “lives” in your code and knows all your classes thus can offer you code completion for properties or functions which can really make your life easier as a developer.

It is also completely free.

Another great feature of this app is the ability to edit .mxml (flex) files. You can edit them and export them as SWF (you should download the appropriate compiler).

I use this application a lot when I’m using a computer that does not have FlexBuilder installed and I need to make a quick change.

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You can download it from here

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