Free flex uploader is coming along pretty great

Hello All,

I’m developing an Uploader component, for free use in your website or blog. I’m using Adobe flex builder 3 for it, so the final result will be an swf you can simply embed in your real life website.

Well, this is not a release note, just an update.

I have completely changed the way you will configure the uploader. It used to be a couple fo JavaScript predefined function you should have used. I changed it to an XML config file, it has all of the parameters I could think of.

I’m pasting the xml straight from the development environment, its really important to me to hear what you have to say, I want it to be as user friendly as possible.

Please, if you think I should add another param or whatever, please drop me an email or send a contact through the contact page.

Here’s the xml

   1: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
   2: <uploaderConfig>
   6:     <uploadScriptUrl></uploadScriptUrl>
  11:     <progressEventListner></progressEventListner>
  16:     <errorListner></errorListner>
  22:     <fileTypeAllowed></fileTypeAllowed>
  30:     <fileSizeAllowed></fileSizeAllowed>
  34:     <completeListner></completeListner>
  35: </uploaderConfig>

You can also download the file from here: download id=”1”

This is what the uploader looks like, I tried keeping it A.S.A.P (as simple as possible :-) )


Waiting for your comments.

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