maven-copy-plugin is now available at Maven Central repository

While building with maven we often need to perform different kind of actions that were very simple with an old uncle Ant, but can become messy and complicated with Maven: copy files, directories, dependencies, filtering text, creating your "runtime' environment, and new tasks like attaching additional artifacts and etc.

To solve it we need to use a bunch of plugins like maven-antrun-plugin, maven-assembly-plugin, maven-dependency-plugin, build-helper-maven-plugin.

maven-copy-plugin can be a powerful replacements for all those. The configuration syntax is quite simple and clear, lots of configuration options and supported features, well written documentation.

Lately, the new version (0.2.5) was released and it also became available at Maven Central repo.

It now works with Maven 3 only and fully supports Java 7.

See full list of changes here

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