.NET Group: Prepare to Fuse-Day



  1. we will make sure you have proper installation and are ready to work with these new technologies (see end of the email for installations).

  2. go over the new subjects with example in the following order

    1. knockout.js
    2. SPA application (& upshot.js)
    3. EF 4.1 code first
    4. require.js
    5. visual studio & local DB
  3. we will setup a GIT repository with the examples and ready to use project for the fuse day

  4. we will distribute the work between us


Please make sure the following products are available on top of windows


  1. Visual Studio 11 beta (Ultimate version)

  2. MVC 4.0 beta (with single page application template and upshot.js) (included with VS installation)

  3. EntityFramework 4.1/5.0 beta (include with VS installation)

  4. Knockout.js (available as NuGet package)

  5. JQuery, JQuery Mobile, JQuery UI (available as NuGet package)

  6. Normelizer (available as NuGet package)

  7. Require.js (available as NuGet package)

  8. Local DB


Thank you for your interest!

We will contact you as soon as possible.

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