JAVA packaging & rpm a binary repositories


Well in most projects today where Virtual Machines, Linux based and Auto-Provisioning, Auto Deployment and Automated system testing is involved


Build, CI/CD integration



RPM distribution

rpm distribution is coming more and more common in the cloud era. The majority of projects involving Linux based OS's / images [AMI's as an example] tend to require more and more the ability of instllation, update & rollback. These so called abilities can be easily achived by utlizing a well based system which already exists and is commonly used by System Administrators / DevOps, matter of fact it could be that it is the only string tiying DevOps / SysAdmins to the world of development.


RPM's & Debian packadges have been around for a while now and have already established a very solid hold on System Configuration Management, further more Automation / Infrastructure As Code


As the Cloud era matures and we found ourselvs continuously building => releasing => deploying into and unknown destination we must staderize the way we distribute our artifacts


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