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Enthusiasm is overrated. Developers who get religious with their programming language is something I can’t understand... Religion, you know, blinds people...


Take for example the following quote:
For testing a restful service API I was looking for a lean library, which would allow me to test CRUD operations of rest services with as little code as possible.

My search led me to
Dispatch, which is a highly compact Scala DSL wrapper around Apache’s reliable HttpClient. This DSL, however, is not very well documented and rather hard to decipher due to it’s heavy usage of symbolic method names but nevertheless highly appealing when understood.” [more here]


To make a long story short - after spending time on deciphering the API the author went on spending some more on studying how to include it in his project and, yet, some more on wrapping it with his own code.


Why would anyone go through this torture for testing a RESTful API? I’ll leave it to you to dig up on the guy and discover the answer (hint - it relates to the first two lines of this entry).


I don’t know how long it took him to accomplish the task but I’m pretty much sure it was longer than 5 minutes, which means at least five times longer than it took me to do the same with Node.js (one minute [for the mathematically challenged]):



  • Open a browser [2 sec.]
  • Google node.js rest client [0.2 sec.]
  • Click on the first result link and get to “restler” github page [2.8 sec. (rounding up)]
  • Open terminal [1 sec]
  • $ npm install restler (installs restler locally) [2 sec.]
  • $ mate test.js (launch textmate) [1 sec]
  • Save the following code in test.js:
var sys = require('util'),
    	      rest = require('restler');
rest.get('').on('complete', function(data) {

[2 sec]


  • $ node test (until complete) [2 sec]
  • Wait 47 seconds...


Viola! One minute.


...Productivity is, sometimes, elsewhere...


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