Google Developer Day Israel 2011 - The HTML5 Sessions

Want to be ahead of Everyone when developing for the web? want to know what’s new on HTML5? Want to know about what is out there that can make your life - as a developer - easier? Well - I got my answers to these questions on Google Developer Day, Israel 2011.
Being a Front end developer, I took the sessions of Chrome & HTML5 while also travelling a bit to other sessions just to get a snick peek.
In this post - i’ll overview some of the sessions i attended which I found to be quite interesting and appealing.




The introductory keynotes were followed by a wide ~30 meters screen which was displaying demos of the agenda of this day:

  1. What’s new in Android & some key points for developing in Mobile.
  2. Cool features of HTML5 and the supporting browser Google Chrome.
  3. Using Google App Engine to allow focusing on the code & the benefits
  4. Using the Google Social API’s: Google Plus, +1, Hangouts, Maps etc.

I’ll proceed with the HTML5 sessions and will give a short summary and links.

Bleeding Edge HTML5 / Ido Green



This session was covered by Ido Green - a Developer advocate for Google Chrome OS.
Ido’s presentation focused on:

  1. new CSS3 & JS animation features
  2. new JS API’s such as: full screen, page visibility, connectivity
  3. The open source framework of Web Intents
  4. HTML5 Media - Video & Audio API’s & WebRTC features
  5. Some great links to keep you updates about HTML5 & Chrome

Link to the HTML5 bleeding edge presentation

OAuth and OpenID / Ryan Boyd



The second session in HTML5 focused on using google’s openID API’s to allow access to your own web application. Ryan, a developer advocate at Google, discussed about the important process of of signing up users to your application with a great UX and ease of use.
Ryan displayed demo which was built with the Google Identity Toolkit and Account Chooser - which exampled the nice user experience effect it has on the sign-up & login processes.

Working Offline: HTML5 Offline / Ido Green



Again, Ido Green presented this session about using the new HTML5 possibilities for offline use. It started with short history of what was used before HTML5 and continued to the trites of it:

  1. Web Storage - session & local storage
  2. Browser Databases - IndexedDB and WebSQL - while indicating that IndexsedDB is the preffered focus for using SQL databases on the browsers.
  3. Application Cache - What is it and How to use it, and finally - when to use it.
  4. Interesting Implementations:
    1. Storing Files
    2. allowing data sync when connection is on or off
  5. Some great reference links for more information, frameworks and resources

Link to HTML5 Application Storage presentation

HTML5 Media: HTML 5, Flash and Youtube



This session was given by Greg Schechter - a”.. web warrior, fighting for browser and website progress”.
In this talk, Greg gave us the comparison between Flash media and HTML5 media. He explainded in detail why the need for html5 media raised and why flash is still in the picture. He talked about:

  1. The many challenges youtube has to face while adapting html5 video distribution and allowing API’s to its data store - such as iframe based player.
  2. Experimental youtube experiences (such as 3D and html5 player).
  3. Various HTML5 video features implemented on youtube.
Link to HTML5 Media presentation (another form of it)

Modern HTML5 Web Apps / Mike West



This session was my favorite one and focused on creating a delighed modern rich UX web app. This session had it all - Modern HTML5 features, Important keynotes on UX, frameworks to the rescue and how utilize it all together to a successful web app.
This session summarized some of the previous sessions and also added some new touches. Mike talked about:

  1. examples of a Rich UX Web applications
  2. Accessibility
  3. Responsive Layouts
  4. Some of the New HTML5 API’s - File System, History, Offline Storage
  5. Polyfills for older browser along with the Chrome Frame solution
  6. Chrome Web Store - What is it, Why use it, How to use it (as a developer)
  7. Some great links and resources

Link to Modern HTML5 Web Apps

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